Patrimonial Mutation

by Suamox

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Patrimonial -

stems from pat·ri·mo·ny
[pa-truh-moh-nee] noun, plural pat·ri·mo·nies.

1. an estate inherited from one's father or ancestors.
2. any quality, characteristic, etc., that is inherited; heritage.
3. the aggregate of one's property.
4. the estate or endowment of a church, religious house, etc.


[myoo-tey-shuhn] noun

1. Biology .
a. a sudden departure from the parent type in one or more heritable
characteristics, caused by a change in a gene or a chromosome.
b. an individual, species, or the like, resulting from such a departure.
2. the act or process of changing.
3. a change or alteration, as in form or nature.
4. Phonetics , umlaut.
5. Linguistics . (in Celtic languages) syntactically determined morphophonemic phenomena that affect initial sounds of words.


released April 9, 2013

Recorded and mixed at Darkhorse Studios
Photograph concepts by Guecha de la Muisca
Photographs by Guecha de la Muisca & Deeana Mongiove
Suamox Logo by Guecha de la Muisca & Hali Waite



all rights reserved


Suamox Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"the city of the sun"

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Track Name: Vain Enlightenment
When bloodline fades from sensibility
and withers to embers in the mountains

yet, mimic the scapegoat and knowingly scheme
losing age with material stimulation

Death reminds us
Nature is limitless
Illumination of fabrication
to make lying an exasperation

Did your hearts cower?
Did the roots of the tree shrivel, desiring to be wrapped in the arms of Sie?
Is there only life left immured (by the company of reclusion and bondage)?

a transmigration of perturbation
spectating, I crave for discernment

The reverence for a guile people, unfashionable to attend
(by the coil in defect, a disproportionate chibchachum)

a fortification of imitation
routing to combustion of rapids
and coaxed with a seducing rainbow
Track Name: Above Our Fabricated World
One feels the appetite to dance through the nebula
In truth, a chronic stage
And alas, there is a hovering ferment amongst the clouds
A notability in-executable in forsaking
Augmented upon the Empire State
Superior to the Eiffel Tower, Willis Tower,
Having potency at the apex of embryotic absence

Once we devised from clay, wood and sticks
And as they subjugate themselves with municipality,
Soon obliged to take on necropolis
Muyquyta vacated, rise with pillars of grit teeth;
Xue within our grasp, obtainable to sway,
(As if we're warmer with proximity and flare
With the doped sluggards underneath,
Not one acquainted with what's ahead,
In service)
to build,
to buy,
to smoke,
to drink,
to fuck,
to lie,
to betray,
to eat one another

The Earth satiated in a fatal hecatomb
Ie's indefinite shape incarnated with ash,
The abhorrence of prisoners allowing him to choke all image of Bague
While the indwellers are left carelessly plunged by deep proselytism

You hearten your invulnerability,
But the eyesore gives agency to disequilibrium
As your father next to you squirts milk through his nose,
The coronaries below giving the old man beastly lust

Barf a little
feel the bile crawl up your throat
Yahweh next to you
"I was planning on you to be here"
He grabs your hand, supplying the incision
Cutting, enfolding skin on your arm

Absence of reaction
As you rip the wires out where your veins formerly resided...
Track Name: Patrimonial Mutation: I. Walking Into Disney World; II. Temples of Man
My dear actors,
circumscribe me with your articles of faith

I walk in awe passing the prototype
My mind gulping ideas
a cleansing rendezvous
an ordeal's childbirth
without an undarkened longing
with postliminary adolescence
the curtain draws closer
and by forthwith, I truly animate
and shed away the accepted

My dear actors,
circumscribe me
Track Name: The Loss of Bochica
Daylight spent
A dawn encircled by buzzers
Of a somber sunlit, grim and icy
The wrinkles, brought onward by time
Escort me through the commotion
For invulnerable route in an unfertile valley

And in Chia’s shine, I receive my people
Celebrations filling the darkness with life
(no dread in their eyes)
A clean ecstasy of affection, vague of ruling and antipathy
Public ferocity produced by conquest
nowhere to be established

The sky
Not absent of purple, now Sua arrives no later than five
Via fire from beyond
Bringing mix waves of struggling color and swaying light

I can still see this boy
Claiming deep breaths of air and mountains
Part of his home

A double, far absent
declining in memory
Track Name: Flesh Offering
My descendants are left as ash
From crumpled skulls at your feet
Forever in Cuza

Nightmare of an infancy, of walks through forests made for martyrs
I breathe a cold Fiva
As Ie leads me into Itigue

I evoke seeing Tymanzo at my childbirth
I will see Timanzo looking down my death


Indentured flair
A faith to distress

Walk in dishonest trails
Remain to definite hurt
Hopeful mislaid reality

My senses shocked
I desire to forget... (forget… forget…forget…forget....)

We see our child scorched alive
To ease your God’s distrust